Market Research & GIS

If you operate, own, manage, lease or market retail space, good market research and the best analytical tools are essential to help shape your growth strategies, retain your best customers, identify new customer segments and uncover untapped market opportunities.

decisionSMART offers a single platform designed to deliver the vital market intellect you need when you need it. Our market research delivers solutions that are industry specific, data rich, and targeted to your developing business. From market research reports to advanced consulting services, we award companies with the information and insight to formulate proper strategic business decisions with conviction.

At the core of decisionSMART market research is a Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS is a powerful analytical mapping tool that enables our market research experts to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, understand, and output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. Moreover, this enables the marker research expert to build a detailed understanding of geographic markets. With crisp visual depictions of asset level data, market characteristics and competitive landscape, critical geo-spatial inferences are made that can not be gleaned through typical spreadsheets and charts. GIS enables our market research to identify opportunities, set informed goals, plan efficient campaigns, see the pro-forma footprint of potential mergers, or determine timely entrance or exit from a market with confidence.

There are several competing techniques and sources of data that drive market research, and most can be expensive, time consuming and require skilled human resources. decisionSMART delivers market research expertise with a proud track record to deliver significant enterprise value for our clients.

The Thematic Map (downloaded below) illustrates the “hot zones” of consumer spending or demand for a particular product category. Information to facilitate a real estate strategy is visually conveyed, from key demographics to consumer buying power, from competitive insight to assessing a suitable alignment of a retail network.

1 Map content and descriptions have been generalized to protect client identity and the retail industry it operates in.
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